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Hirobo VERTOL for EP.

Hirobo 30LAMA for EP.


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Q.T. Movies MPEG and AVI files of EP R/C Models cobla, balon EP Concept and NEW HYPERFLY!

Hello, my name is Akihiro TAKESHITA. Call me "Take-chan". We are a group who enjoy electric powered radio control helicopter models.

Most of our models have succeeded in flying for 5 minutes or more. How about your electric powered helicopters? Is it all right?

Usually, the power of electric helicopters is less than that of ga s powered models. So it is little bit difficult to fly powerfully.

But, if you have some know-how, they will fly so good. If the conditions of mechanism are good and adjustment is skillfully, it will be possible to fly for 7 minutes or more.

We are going to add more information little by little. Thank you for visiting.

MAIL TO Take-chan, (as manager of this page)
October 30, 1996



私達は 電動の無線操縦ヘリコプターの模型を 楽しんでいる集まりです。

私達の模型は 大体5分以上の飛行時間を 達成しています。 みなさんの電動ヘリコプターは 良く飛んでいますか。

電動ヘリコプターは エンジンヘリコプター模型と違って  力に余裕が 無いので 少し難しいです。

でも 少しの工夫でかなり良く飛ぶようになりますよ。 また条件が良ければ 調整が良ければ 7分以上の飛行も 出来ることでしょう。



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