Chapter 23. 16x50 UART Driver

Table of Contents

uart_handle_dcd_change - handle a change of carrier detect state
uart_handle_cts_change - handle a change of clear-to-send state
uart_update_timeout - update per-port FIFO timeout.
uart_get_baud_rate - return baud rate for a particular port
uart_get_divisor - return uart clock divisor
uart_register_driver - register a driver with the uart core layer
uart_unregister_driver - remove a driver from the uart core layer
uart_add_one_port - attach a driver-defined port structure
uart_remove_one_port - detach a driver defined port structure
serial8250_suspend_port - suspend one serial port
serial8250_resume_port - resume one serial port
serial8250_register_port - register a serial port
serial8250_unregister_port - remove a 16x50 serial port at runtime