Chapter 19. Block Devices

Table of Contents

blk_get_backing_dev_info - get the address of a queue's backing_dev_info
blk_queue_prep_rq - set a prepare_request function for queue
blk_queue_merge_bvec - set a merge_bvec function for queue
blk_queue_make_request - define an alternate make_request function for a device
blk_queue_ordered - does this queue support ordered writes
blk_queue_issue_flush_fn - set function for issuing a flush
blk_complete_barrier_rq - complete possible barrier request
blk_complete_barrier_rq_locked - complete possible barrier request
blk_queue_bounce_limit - set bounce buffer limit for queue
blk_queue_max_sectors - set max sectors for a request for this queue
blk_queue_max_phys_segments - set max phys segments for a request for this queue
blk_queue_max_hw_segments - set max hw segments for a request for this queue
blk_queue_max_segment_size - set max segment size for blk_rq_map_sg
blk_queue_hardsect_size - set hardware sector size for the queue
blk_queue_stack_limits - inherit underlying queue limits for stacked drivers
blk_queue_segment_boundary - set boundary rules for segment merging
blk_queue_dma_alignment - set dma length and memory alignment
blk_queue_find_tag - find a request by its tag and queue
blk_queue_free_tags - release tag maintenance info
blk_queue_init_tags - initialize the queue tag info
blk_queue_resize_tags - change the queueing depth
blk_queue_end_tag - end tag operations for a request
blk_queue_start_tag - find a free tag and assign it
blk_queue_invalidate_tags - invalidate all pending tags
generic_unplug_device - fire a request queue
blk_start_queue - restart a previously stopped queue
blk_stop_queue - stop a queue
blk_sync_queue - cancel any pending callbacks on a queue
blk_run_queue - run a single device queue
blk_cleanup_queue - release a &request_queue_t when it is no longer needed
blk_init_queue - prepare a request queue for use with a block device
blk_requeue_request - put a request back on queue
blk_insert_request - insert a special request in to a request queue
blk_rq_map_user - map user data to a request, for REQ_BLOCK_PC usage
blk_rq_map_user_iov - map user data to a request, for REQ_BLOCK_PC usage
blk_rq_unmap_user - unmap a request with user data
blk_rq_map_kern - map kernel data to a request, for REQ_BLOCK_PC usage
blk_execute_rq - insert a request into queue for execution
blkdev_issue_flush - queue a flush
blk_end_sync_rq - executes a completion event on a request
blk_congestion_wait - wait for a queue to become uncongested
blk_attempt_remerge - attempt to remerge active head with next request
submit_bio -
end_that_request_first - end I/O on a request
end_that_request_chunk - end I/O on a request