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Welcome to Team Schaft's homepage!

since May/13/2000

What's Team Schaft?

Team Schaft is a circle that is organized to distribute freeware and shareware on the web. Team Schaft provides several games and tools at its web site. But so far, they are designed for Japanese users except Safe Melt 32 English Edition.

Safe Melt 32 Version 2.74E (runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP) updated on Mar./30/2002

Safe Melt 32 is an easy-to-use file compression program that creates a self-expanding (self-extracting) file. Since the compressed file is self-expanding, no tools are required when you expand files in it.

The most significant feature of Safe Melt 32 is that you can set a password to protect your files. If you set a password, only a person who knows the password can expand the compressed file. Using this feature, you can distribute files that were difficult to distribute as shareware such as documents, pictures, music and so on. In addition, you can use this program to protect your privacy such as a diary.

The user interface of Safe Melt 32 is well designed for beginners, so it is useful to distribute files to people who are not familiar with PCs.

Furthermore Safe Melt 32 can divide large amounts of data into multiple files. You can use this function to divide data of which amount is too large to store in a floppy disk or to attach to an e-mail.

This program is shareware of which registration fee is $10 (US dollars). You can freely try this program for a month. But you have to pay the registration fee to use after the trial period.

Update Information (Version 2.73E to 2.74E)
The window color of the older version GUI and Division type self-expanding programs is not shown correctly on Windows XP. The window color of the new version programs is shown correctly on Windows XP.

You can pay the registration fee clicking HERE.

Click HERE to download Safe Melt 32 Version 2.74E. (File size:483kB)